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Geographical Photography Workshop
Nimrod Gluckman

Geographical Photography Workshop



During the past few years a new concept of photography which is combined of few known fields has evolved. These fields include: Landscape photography, culture, urban landscape and anthropology.

As a result of combining all of these together, we get a vast joined field Geographical Photography.

This field enables us to expose and mark details which usually did not get the proper amount of attention. Through this concept of "writing" details in a photographic way, the photographer creates the methods of self impression towards people, cultures, anthropology, urban landscape and landscape.


The Geographical Photography Workshop was developed in order to enrich the photographer's visual and technical understanding, and control of photographic equipment.

The workshop will focus on the wide selection of geographical subjects and the photographic techniques needed.

We will look around us and learn how to make the most of it without dropping details and colors.


Session #1

Geographical photographer opening lecture.

First assignment: "open subject".


Session #2

Understanding the use of light,



Session #3

Exposure exposure compensation and unusual light situations.


Session #4

Night photography.


Session #5

Movement freeze and objects movement.


Session #6

Urban photography "breaking" architecture rules in order to maximize elements in the frame.



Sessions 1-6 check

End of workshop.


*Equipment needed for the workshop: SLR camera of any kind, lenses and a tripod.

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