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Beginners' Photography Workshop
Nimrod Gluckman

Beginners' Photography Workshop


In order to improve your photography skills, there is a need to better understand the basics of photography principles and equipment.

In the beginners workshop we will learn the concepts of operating the camera and expend the knowledge about lenses and optics, correct choice of films and sensor sensitivity in digital photography, aperture, exposures, shutter speed, light and lighting.

The beginners' photography workshop is suitable for all of you who are interested in purchasing knowledge and basic understanding of photography, thus sharpening your photographic vision and output.


Session #1

Introduction and general lecture.


Session #2

Aperture and shutter speed.


Session #3

The right exposure.


Session #4

Objects movement.


Session #5

Sessions 2-4 check.


Session #6

Depth of field and focusing.


Session #7

Different focal length of lenses.


Session #8

Change of sensitivity.


Session #9

Finial meeting and session's 6-8 check


*Equipment needed for this workshop: SLR camera of any kind, lenses and a tripod.



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